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"Aside from her incredible technique, Ms Ivanova displayed a level of maturity and musicality seldom heard in pianists of her age. Clearly this is an outstanding pianist of the highest calibre, one with flawless technique, dexterity and musicality"

Karendra Devroop,

Professor of Music and Director Unisa Music Foundation at UNISA,

South Africa


"Ivanova makes music. The music is everything; this pianist isn't performing for applause – that just delays getting back to making music... Everything was as it should be: the double-octave passages thundered, the filigree passages flowed smoothly, the melodic lines of the trio sang, the romantic soul of Chopin being clearly channeled by this young pianist whose playing already calls to my mind that of Hélène Grimaud…"

Geoffrey Simon,

Classical Voice North Carolina, USA


“Spectacular Olympian at the piano”

Balduin Sultzer,

Krone Zeitung,  Austria


"Ivanova plays with great vivacity... She shines in her original approach in Bach's Partita No5 in G major"

Gerard Williams, The Australian