Amazing review on Elizaveta's performance at the Paderewski Festival in Raleigh, NC

By Geoffrey Simon

"The auditorium of the North Carolina Museum of Arst and its resident Steinway concert grand piano were graced by the presence of pianist Elizaveta Ivanova as she performed the second recital of this year's Paderewski Festival. The quietness of the audience during the entire program testified to the way her playing entranced her listeners; not a single cough was to interrupt her scintillating performances"

"Ivanova makes music...Her movements at the keyboard are always natural, never affected"

"Ivanova's performances were personal reflections of Debussy's own musical portraits; each was a gem..."

"Ivanova's performance of "Don Juan's Serenade," from Masks (Op. 34, No. 3) was energetic and masterful, reveling in Szymanowski's ground-breaking harmonic language"

"the double-octave passages thundered, the filigree passages flowed smoothly, the melodic lines of the trio sang, the romantic soul of Chopin being clearly channeled by this young pianist whose playing already calls to my mind that of Hélène Grimaud"

read the full text here: cvnc_org_article_cfm_articleId_8706.pdf (831143)